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State-of-the-art technology includes an advanced associative data model and embedded artificial intelligence

Progressive machine-learning-enabled analytics become more accurate and actionable over time

Unique comparative capabilities that integrate national, regional, local, and industry-specific program comparisons and indicators

Delivering account-level COVID-19 preparedness

As employers and health plans navigate COVID-19, it is critical to know which of their members/employees have health conditions that place these individuals at risk for COVID-19.

Whyzen Analytics was named a quarterfinalist in the 2020 UCSF Digital Health Awards for its excellence in COVID-19 tracking and reporting. It visually identifies at-risk members/employees within your service areas and provides a heat map of their varying risk status. By drilling into information about these populations, employers and health plans can better allocate resources for targeted and impactful interventions.

  • Identify an account’s most at-risk populations
  • Understand a population’s underlying comorbidities
  • Reference near real time dashboards with more detailed condition information
  • See data visualizations that make the complex understandable
  • Project costs and identify opportunities for improved care and resource utilization

This COVID-19 reporting capability comes in addition to the valuable features that Whyzen Analytics’ offers, including the ability to:

Create customized executive dashboards

Spot outliers and track variations from benchmarks over time with quick views of cost, quality, and utilization via customized key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Population health segmentation
  • Specialty pharmacy analysis
  • Key performance indicator tracking
  • Service utilization management
  • Risk migration analysis

Drill down to evaluate complex data

Answer those “what if questions” by running multiple scenarios in seconds with interactive dashboards to see how certain variables influence the analytic outcome.

  • Turn data into insights by evaluating associations and identifying patterns
  • Hover over the data you want to examine, and get detailed information immediately

Get the answers you and your team need with guided analytics storyboards

These automated visualizations focus on a prevalent condition or emerging trend affecting a population and give a full analysis of costs, complications, and impacts.

  • Which conditions are the most costly?
  • Which providers are costing the most?
  • What savings would happen if we changed site of care?

  • Top Primary conditions
  • Laminectomy
  • Summary of Savings

Enjoy access to a better data model

Using industry standard methods, our data model integrates a wide range of data sources to target all product lines, including commercial and government. Our state-of-the-art data transformation process allows for:

  • Rapid turnaround time for data updates
  • Flexible integration of custom data sources
  • Integration of real-time and on-demand data sources
  • Ability to handle timing differences in data sources

The result is a more comprehensive analytic platform that let stakeholders tell a story and create actionable insights for customers.


BHI’s Latest Webinars on the Features of Whyzen Analytics

Blue Health Intelligence® executives demonstrate of some of the most powerful features of Whyzen Analytics - our account analytics and reporting solution for health plans, employers, and brokers.

October 2020 Highlights

  • Duplicating a Sheet – How to customize a sheet while preserving the original analysis
  • Using Whyzen’s Associative Data Model – How Whyzen integrates and makes available different types of claims data (e.g., medical, dental, vision) for comprehensive inquiries
  • Creating Content – How to build a sheet from scratch to suit your business needs
  • Using Smart Search Functionality – A look at Whyzen’s powerful search capabilities
  • Understanding Pivot Tables – An overview of the functional benefits and use of pivot tables

August 2020 Highlights

  • Custom Communities
  • COVID-19 Reporting Enhancements
  • Modifying Reports in Whyzen

June 2020 Highlights

  • COVID-19 Reporting Metrics
  • Price and Use Metrics
  • Service Level Analyses –Visits, Admissions, Procedures etc.

April 2020 Highlights

  • Using My Work Organization
  • Importing External Lists
  • Utilizing New Service Types for Outpatient and Professional Services